A Family Growing Closer

At Sunny Brae we believe that God has called us to four key elements in our life together:  Growing Deep, Growing Wide, Close Relationships and Close Servanthood.

Our Vision

GROWING DEEP - We are committed to becoming a church which is filled with people who are passionate about God.
CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS - We will strive to be a congregation who cares deeply for one another.
GROWING WIDE - We will continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ as we grow toward an average attendance of 250.
CLOSE SERVANTHOOD - We seek to have every member and attender of SBBC serving in at least one ministry.    

Growing Deep

In our efforts to become a congregation filled with people who are passionate about God, we seek to equip people to grow in their faith.  We do this through offering inspiring worship services with a relevant, challenging message; teaching and encouraging people to dig into the Bible and prayer; and learning together how to follow the every day leading of the Holy Spirit.

Growing Wide

Everyone is welcome at SBBC!  Not only that, but we have a heart for those who do not know Jesus as their forgiver and life leader, to enter into that relationship with Him.  As a result, we do not shy away from sharing the Good News of the Gospel.  Each member at Sunny Brae is challenged to actively share their faith with those around them.

Close Relationships

The church should be the one place in this world where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are accepted, loved and cared for.  At SBBC this is what we seek to become a reality in the life of every person who walks through our doors.  People are not just a number, they are more than their check book, they are God's craftsmanship!

Close Servanthood

Every person, no matter how small, how old or how new to life in Christ they may be, can play a part in serving God in our family.  We believe that God has gifted each of His followers and that those gifts are to be used to serve in His Kingdom.